Enviroloo have been successfully utilising FILE13 for deskless workforce management since 2020

Discover: How Digital Verification has positively impacted ENVIROLOO's operations
managing 125 000 sanitation units in SA and Africa

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"Bloodhound’s solution has had a substantial impact on both our business efficiency and our growth strategy. In addition, FILE13 provided us with the most effective and accurate means of monitoring personnel and service levels. We will recommend Bloodhound without reservation"

- Roland Bishop, Head of Operations, Enviro Loo.

Digital Verification:

  • Eliminate disputes between service providers, contractors and end-clients
  • Accurate, verified reporting of actual tasks performed at specific locations
  • Ensure that correct steps are followed when servicing equipment or performing tasks.
  • And much, much more!


Digital solutions help to identify anomalies and errors quickly which can then be escalated and resolved almost immediately.


A digital workforce solution training can be facilitated with the use of digital checklists for the front, middle and back of house.

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Digital workflow management also allows for workflow automation: A more simplistic and efficient workflow management system.