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A few examples of how FILE13 is being utilized by our existing customers

Hungry Lion

We have been using Bloodhound’s FILE13 for training, operations and new store builds since early 2018 because of the increased flexibility, transparency and productivity it offers. Bloodhound’s ability to create a solution to address the specific needs of the company, coupled with the dynamic flexibility of FILE13, made Hungry Lion’s decision to switch to Bloodhound an obvious one. The increase in efficiency and a cost saving of more than 30% were welcome added bonuses.

Hungry Lion
Bertus Weyers - Operatons Manager

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Enviro Loo

“With the previous solution and GPS location tracking, fieldworkers would stand at one unit and service only one unit. With FILE13’s geofencing feature, it automatically picks up all the units in that environment that have to be serviced. Service workers cannot manipulate how many units were serviced for example servicing only one unit but claiming they have serviced ten units. This also eliminates payment disputes as payments are now made for the correct number of serviced units”

Enviro Loo
Roland Bishop - Head of Operations.

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Repairs to field equipment can be expensive and often is avoidable. Too often equipment breaks down because it was not maintained or serviced. A better approach will include regular and routine equipment maintenance which will decrease the likelihood of equipment failures and unplanned downtime.


The manual approach of employees completing their own time logs and location is outdated. Digital location verification such as GPS and geofencing can be very valuable for the tracking of field service technicians working in an outdoor environment.


Manual reporting is not only time-consuming but can also include inaccurate data. WFM Software offer real-time data which enables managers are able to addressed matters of importance and prioritise efficiently.