Robert KellermanDigital Location Verification

Workforce Management (WFM) Software allows managers to easily access real-time data concerning their field equipment and essential parts. Access to a complete, accurate, and up-to-date asset and parts list has the benefit that all the information of all the assets is always available. It should include details such as the asset name, serial number, the parts it consists of, when last it was serviced and who oversaw the service. Assets can furthermore be properly grouped by type and location. When a technician has to service a piece of equipment they can scan the asset and all relevant information and service history will display on their mobile device

For example, companies that specialise in hiring/purchasing construction necessities such as industrial man lifts, stock pickers, or cranes for builders: by capturing and updating the information digitally (e.g., via a tablet or smartphone app) and logging when a specific asset is moved to a construction site, will always know its location, time on site, and when it will be available again. In addition, these equipment can also be classified according to its unique parameters and given a unique ID (identification code). This enables managers to draw reports by location and device type. Moreover, you may also require some site security measures to ensure that no trespasser meddles with the construction machines since damage to these equipment can cause heavy losses. You can look into hiring construction site security guards and employing other tools such as CCTV cameras, motion detectors, etc. to secure the site parameters.

WFM Software simplifies the data management process, gives managers equipment and asset visibility and so avoids grey areas and a paper-trail mess. New equipment, assets, and parts can easily be added to an inventory and data tracking can start immediately. This is especially the case if you have similar assets such as portable toilets as explained in the Enviro Loo case study. Inventory can simply duplicate previous toilet information and assign a new asset number. Finally, WFM Software enables management to easily scale and always have real-time data of service history, escalations, the full life cycle of assets, and outstanding tasks per asset available.

The above-mentioned challenges have one thing in common: a lack of proof of service delivery. This could lead to additional costs for service delivery companies and an increased risk to clients. However, when managed well and with the correct system, the proof of presence and measured performance will lead to excellent service delivery which in turn will lead to increased profit and business growth.

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