Robert KellermanSecurity, Workforce Management

G4S is an industry-leading security company with an international footprint supplying global security manpower, services and technical solutions . Their Zambia branch, G4S Secure Solutions Zambia Ltd (G4S Zambia), provides a broad range of security solutions to commercial, individual, and government customers. G4S Zambia approached Bloodhound in 2018 for a system that could provide accurate and detailed audit trails to offer full transparency and counter any possibility of manipulation.


G4S Zambia first implemented Bloodhound’s guard monitoring solution in December 2018. Initially, the company only used Bloodhound’s AndRover Patrol to monitor and ensure that their guards were completing their scheduled patrols (also known as guard tours) and that security officers were optimally deployed and performing their duties in the correct areas and at the correct times. The guard tours aim to provide clients with peace of mind that their assets are being safeguarded by the assigned security officers and that any incidents are reported and reacted on in real-time.

Why G4S Zambia chose FILE13

Post-implementation, G4S Zambia experienced tremendous growth and by mid-2019, they were using more than 100 AndRover Patrol smart devices. Later in 2019, Bloodhound introduced Jon Mortimer, G4S Zambia’s Managing Director to FILE13 workforce optimisation solution. G4S Zambia first rolled out FILE13 in Lusaka as a pilot project testing the solution at a number of its sites. Upon completion of the testing phase, Bloodhound assisted G4S to iron out any grey areas and obstacles whereafter they updated the workflows on the FILE13 interactive dashboard and finalised the format of the daily reports. Not only were the workflows of the new solution more comprehensive, but the daily reports were significantly more user-friendly, providing management with the critical information they needed at first glance and in real-time.

Challenges overcome by Bloodhound’s FILE13 workforce optimisation solution

Before implementing Bloodhound’s FILE13 solution, G4S Zambia conducted manual incident management, equipment audits, site visit reports and client feedback surveys using a paper-based system of manual checklists, notebooks, and handwritten reports.

Bloodhound’s FILE13 workforce optimisation solution improved the visibility and transparency of security officers, enhanced proof of presence, streamlined real-time escalation of non-compliance exceptions, automated daily reports and improved cash-in-transit/ATM operations and compliance with the SLA.

The result: An effective solution to monitor national operations and respond timeously.

Since implementing FILE13, G4S Zambia has not only seen a remarkable improvement in their operational efficiency, but personnel have adopted FILE13 as a user-friendly tool to assist them with their day-to-day tasks and activities. Going forward, G4S aims to integrate FILE13 with third-party incident and case management software; finalise all checklists for the Lusaka pilot programme and then roll out FILE13 to other regions where G4S has a sizable number of employees. Ultimately, G4S wants to do away with operational centres in the outlying areas by centralising all operations at a national control safety hub. All management information and real-time data collected using FILE13 will feed into this central control centre, where it will be analysed to provide a bird’s-eye view of operations for the whole country.