Bernard SlabbertInnovation, Security

Considering the number of security staff currently employed in the private security industry, there is a substantial need for a workforce management tool that can effectively manage and protect security officers and ensure that they are adequately protecting the assets they are employed to safeguard. The value of such a workforce management tool extends further than workforce management; the data that can be derived from such a workforce management tool is invaluable for compliance audits, staff training and risk assessment.

Observer, Bloodhound’s flagship product combines the data received from more than 2500 security sites throughout South Africa to produce industry productivity indexes. These indexes are then analysed and used as a litmus test to compare clients’ performance against industry benchmarks.  This can ultimately be used as benchmarks to effectively measure workforce management solutions providers. 

In respect of personnel management: Security officers can carry Bloodhound’s mobile Rover device, which contains specific instructions per site and per individual guard, with them. GSM and active RFID technology ensure that the Rover device can be used indoors and outdoors and relays real-time data. Rover is, in turn, linked to Bloodhound’s Observer cloud platform that analyses and report on the field activities. Observer also allows clients to compile the necessary checks and audits for each asset that must be guarded. Bloodhound provides peace of mind by implementing modern technology to solve every-day problems.