Bernard SlabbertInnovation, Security

Smart technology is fast becoming an emerging trend, replacing traditional management tools such as batons, to monitor and manage workforces. The security industry, employing more than 500 000 security officers, is no exception.

The security workforce industry is usually plagued with problems including security officers arriving late for their shift, falling asleep during their shift, not completing their duties properly, or simply being unsure of what exactly their duties are. To address and resolve these issues, and effectively manage a security workforce, accurate, reliable, real-time data is a fundamental requirement.

Bloodhound Technologies (Bloodhound) has, over the past two decades, developed systems and products focusing on the bigger picture and is now offering streamlined security patrol management that allows the customer to create customised patrol routes and advanced scheduling. Bloodhound distinguishing feature is its ability to offer flexibility, accuracy, functionality, and the ability to record empirical data. Bloodhound’s FILE13 and Observer cloud platform ensures an improved customer experience, increased productivity and efficiency, better quality service, complete transparency, real-time visibility, and business intelligence at your fingertips. Bloodhound has a specialised approach to new-gen workforce management solutions that delivers end-to-end solutions offering a flexible solution for security workforce compliance management. With Bloodhound, security personnel are now equipped to easily record and respond to incidents and request backup or emergency services when required.

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