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Traditional (and most) security patrol devices do not provide real-time information. It still relies on manual data collection that can be inaccurate, inflated or tampered with. Further, not all software provides tangible value add, as some devices have either no, or limited functionality in terms of the feedback it provides. With Bloodhound’s Smart Mobile App you can access accurate field data at all times and in real-time. AndRover is designed for team managers, offering various location-based scheduling and reporting tools in addition to proof of presence functionality.

The data that is collected is tamper-proof as guards cannot edit, delete or create a patrol route schedule or any information associated with a patrol. This means that the data that is analysed and used for reporting purposes is reliable and an accurate reflection of the security operations. This allows security managers to gain valuable insights with customised, transparent top-down and bottom-up reports for all levels of security operations and measure service delivery levels against set KPI’s and industry benchmarks. With this approach, human error is minimised, efficiency is improved, time is saved, and costs reduced with a single, cloud-based platform.

The Bloodhound solution, unlike the baton device, which is hardcoded, provides ample room for continuous innovation. With this smart device, you are not being boxed into a corner and you are not limited in terms of hardware. Moreover, you can select your own device, as AndRover is designed to run on most modern Android mobile handset. It remains cost effective as most sites already have smart phones which guards can use and there are no concerns regarding market uptake.

The smart device also outranks the baton in terms of its GPS accuracy and its ability to act as an investigative tool in the field returning rich data for analysis. Furthermore, Bloodhound has never reported a device stolen – except for isolated incidents of armed robberies but, in these instances, the device was an asset – it was locked down and in some instances tracing the device’s GPS location made arrests possible.  This, in fact, offered an extra layer of  protection to guards in that in the event of a hijacking, the device is traceable, the police can follow its signal and secure the guard’s safety.

As mentioned above, guards should be equipped to respond to emergencies, security threats or breaches. AndRover has multiple emergency numbers pre-programmed into the device whereas even the modernised version of the baton is only equipped to call (or request to be called) one number – often the control room from where emergencies, threats or breaches are addressed. Bloodhound’s control room module fosters a pro-active environment and not merely a downloading of information from the baton device after the fact.

G4S, a British multinational Security and Investigations company is a long-standing client of Bloodhound Technology. Otto van den Berg, Head of the National Control Centre at G4S South Africa, conducted their own comparison of their prior guard patrol system and AndRover, Bloodhound’s guard patrol system. They made the following observations, which, according to them, simply make Bloodhound the preferred provider offering functionalities no other similar product in South Africa is able to offer:

Patrol success rates: G4S’s Head of the National Control Centre confirms that patrol success rates saw an increase of no less than 25% (from 55% to between 80-90%) since using AndRover exclusively. Moreover, they have been able to consistently achieve this rate since using AndRover.

GPS tagging: As one of its biggest benefits, G4S is impressed with the fact that points no longer needs to be mapped manually. GPS tagging is not only exceptionally accurate but also labour and time-efficient.

Software: Bloodhound’s software is currently the only product of its kind on the South African market offering “full-on monitoring capability”.

Voice capability: AndRover can establish immediate voice contact with a guard or their supervisor and the guard, in turn, can make calls to pre-programmed numbers in the event of an emergency or security breach.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication: At the push of a button, the guard can make contact directly with their control room dispatcher, a group of persons or individual persons (depending on the configuration in their control room environment). These conversations are stored for up to 3 months and allows workers immediate voice contact as well as contact via instant messaging for standard communication protocol or in the event of an emergency. PTT can eliminate the need for additional radio like equipment on-site and therefore, a very cost effective value add.

Real-time data: AndRover’s main distinguisher is its ability to record real-time data which offers a two-fold benefit: (1) because it is a live patrol system, guards can be monitored and immediate information provided should there be an imminent threat or incident and since it also keeps tabs on the guards (2) it is immediately evident if a patrol route is not completed. This makes AndRover superior to other products according to G4S.

Bloodhound’s comprehensive solution streamlines security patrol management and allows the customer to create patrol routes and assign tasks to security staff. The system is flexible and allows added functionalities and applications such as a visitor management system, compliance, and so forth.  It does not segment data and you can choose a guard patrol system that fits your tracking needs - our reporting can either provide an overview on one site or a group of sites dependant on the customer’s requirements. This supports individual performance appraisals, as you are able to identify those guards who perform their duties within the required time, or faster and who adhere to the assigned patrol schedule.