Robert KellermanWorkforce Management

Service providers in almost all South African industries are constantly faced with a similar problem: Ensuring they continue to deliver excellent service via (often third-party) remote fieldworkers and field technicians whilst maintaining good relationships with their end customers.

The ideal workforce management tool should not only focus on one, but rather all three key stakeholders who all have different needs and problems to overcome:

The Service provider:

  1. Who provide a service and or equipment
  2. Employ service teams and technicians who need to maintain the equipment or deliver specific tasks in various locations
  3. Need to know what their services have done/ are doing/ are going to do
  4. Need to manage the relationship with end clients
  5. Resolve any issues speedily

Remote workers and technicians (Often a third-party)

  1. Need to know what they should do when and where
  2. Need specific instructions
  3. Mechanism of reporting on work done
  4. Mechanism to escalate specific issues
  5. Able to communicate with their management remotely

The end client

  1. The customer is reliant on the SP and remote workforce to deliver service
  2. maintain SLA
  3. Resolve any problems speedily
  4. Satisfaction of end clients and users of their facilities
  5. Able to report to top-level management

There is one key aspect that connects these 3 stakeholder groups: Transparency. It helps eliminate any grey areas, which are often caused by poor communication or managing expectations, which eventually leads to poor performance.

We recently did a case study showcasing how FILE13 overcame similar challenges for Enviro Loo.

Enviro Loo currently contracts various SMMEs whose service teams maintain tens of thousands of waterless sanitation units across South Africa. As part of Enviro Loo’s government service level agreement, service teams must physically visit each site every 3 months to complete a service and replace components as needed. Since introducing FILE13, this process became more effective, and services are rendered seamlessly. Since implementing FILE13, third party service technicians (SMME which is a third-party government-mandated requirement) service levels have increased dramatically and access to accurate real-time data has enabled Enviro Loo to act and resolve any issues as a matter of priority.

“Enviro Loo, together with our SMMEs and internal technicians have to monitor service levels, enhance user education and resolve issues arising at Enviro Loo units across all provinces in South Africa. Bloodhound’s FILE13 solution allows us to do so in real-time, to gather reliable data and to provide accurate feedback that are crucial components of performance management”

- Mark La Trobe, Chief Operation Officer at Enviro Loo.


Award-winning Enviro Loo waterless sanitation system uses Bloodhound’s File13 for remote service technicians and field asset management