Robert KellermanWorkforce Management

The mining industry in South Africa is constantly faced with various multi-dimensional challenges. First, contractors are expected to render services in an often complex and dynamic environment and they typically rely on remote field workers such as technicians and inspectors who need to be managed remotely. Second, mining managers have to ensure that health and safety requirements are adhered to while making sure service is delivered and equipment is monitored and maintained as per their SLAs. This challenge can be overcome with an end-to-end management solution such as Bloodhound’s FILE13.

With a fully digitised, paperless end-to-end solution mining industries are provided with peace of mind that excellent service is being delivered while workforce management is optimised within safe working environments.

With FILE13 you can manage your entire workforce with key features such as risk assessment as a cornerstone of occupational health and safety management, detailed scheduling and an advanced interactive safety file checklist, and ad hoc incident logging. It also offers a dynamic platform where changes to construction safety and risk assessment can be reviewed and improved in real-time which allows for real-time exception escalations.

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