Robert KellermanDigital Location Verification, Workforce Management

Repairs to field equipment can be expensive and is often avoidable. Too often equipment breaks down because it was not maintained or serviced. Preventative maintenance is one way to address this and is essential in any company. This approach includes regular and routine equipment maintenance which will decrease the likelihood of equipment failures and unplanned downtime. A key part of preventative maintenance is effective equipment tracking. Alongside asset tracking, an efficient service schedule can be developed. A service schedule generally includes details about the asset such as the specific parts that require attention and how regularly it should be serviced. For example, in a fleet of vehicles, there are various components like tires, engine parts, lights, etc. Each critical component that is known for breaking down can be scheduled for regular check-ups. Oil or tyre pressure, for example, can be checked every week, by adding the task to an employee’s schedule. These service schedules need to be preloaded so that workers can plan their workload efficiently.

Implementing WFM Software increases accountability as well as transparency. Additional to service schedule elements being assigned to specific employees, leaving a trail of who is responsible for which tasks, proof of presence can also be required. Proof of presence can be verified in various manners and can be combined with elements such as photo evidence or digital location verification. Furthermore, service plans can be preloaded on devices so that the technician or service staff member knows exactly what is expected of them. WFM Software provides a solution where all assets and technicians are connected to a central platform in order to facilitate thorough communication regarding the service plan. This is especially the case with third-party service teams who often seek opportunities to bypass the system. With WFM Software proper service intervals can be set and enforced.

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