Robert KellermanDigital Location Verification

IoT tagging solutions enables businesses to have increased visibility of equipment as well as improved data accuracy. Each IoT tagging type has different use cases and offers various benefits such as:

  • Reporting on location of equipment and parts
  • Achieving compliance
  • Improving equipment lifecycle
  • Service maintenance scheduling

Modernised equipment tracking tools utilise IoT tagging and software in order to collate data into one easy-to-access database. IoT tagging options come in various forms, for example NFC, BTLE beacons and QR codes. Each type operates differently, but ultimately delivers the same result namely, to assign a unique identification code to each asset. In short, the asset tracking process has three steps. It:

  1. Records all fixed assets;
  2. tags assets with chosen IoT tagging type; and
  3. monitors and tracks asset’s locations.

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