Robert KellermanDigital Location Verification, Workforce Management

Managing field service technicians can be challenging when there is a lack of fieldworker visibility and their activities as they move between multiple worksites. This challenge often leads to reports containing incorrect data collected as a result of using manual paper-based reporting systems. Furthermore, often there is no proof of presence or proof of the quality of work being completed.

One way to address the challenges of managing field services technicians is through workforce location tracking. The manual approach of employees completing their own time logs and location is outdated. This approach often results in employees trying to bypass the system and validation is time-consuming.

Digital location verification such as GPS and geofencing can be very valuable for the tracking of field service technicians working in an outdoor environment. Geofencing entails a virtual border that can easily be placed around a location or job site. Each time an assigned employee enters the geofence border, it automatically tracks their time spent in the area. This is possible with any standard smartphone and offers insightful data. GPS tracking allows employers to see when an employee was at a certain location and for how long. These methods of outdoor location tracking increase productivity, improve accountability and enhance the visibility of staff members. This also enables exception based management as reports contain accurate and verified data.

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